Building a captive portal with OpenBSD

There aren’t (m)any lightweight captive portal solutions out there for us, except a few clumsy heavy or badly maintained projects together with heir professional counterparts in routers better than home-grade. Captive portals are cool and useful, read on how to build one, including video demo.

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A wireless trap using OpenBSD – reloaded

Build a OpenBSD wireless access point that redirects any client request for any website to a website of your own design. adidas zx flux With a little imagination you could adapt this technique for more nefarious purposes – but that is not something we endorse here. Something more applicable to our kind may be to use this technique to do basic DNS based filtering, ad-blocking or something along those lines. new balance pas cher baskets new balance pas cher [Read more…]

A simple console wireless network manager for OpenBSD

Maybe some will enjoy this simple console based wireless network manager i use on my OpenBSD Box to connect to the different wireless networks i come across during the week. nike air max pas cher adidas yeezy boost nike air max 1 nike air tn new balance pas cher bns gold 4NU558BUVMKY [Read more…]