Keeping Time With NTPd

General Information

Many services on your FreeBSD either workstation or server benefit from knowing the time accurately, whether they are cron tasks or if you are sharing files around your network and you need the timestamps to be consistent across the network. The NTP daemon and the ntpdate program allow you to keep accurate time on your FreeBSD machine via the Network Time Protocol. nike air max femme Chaussures adidas running nike air max 90 femme new balance soldes The ntpdate program is being slowly replaced by NTPd, and indeed ntpd -q will act the same as ntpdate, so it is on its way out. nike air max tavas air jordan 1 soldes nike dunk Also the ntpdate program has reduced accuracy when compared to the ntpd. asics whizzer buy ffxiv Items This guide will show you how to setup your machine to keep time using the NTP daemon, and also show you how you can setup the NTP daemon to act as a Time Server for your local network.

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