Squid Proxy Server

General Information

First posted on Overridersworld.

This document will describe how to get a Squid Proxy Server up and running for your LAN using FreeBSD and Squid. The info on the configuration file is by no means comprehensive. adidas zx flux asics gel pas cher chaussures timberland pas cher There is a lot that you might need to do differently, but I am running pretty much the same installation for around 100 users and it has served me very well so far in my situation. Also, I am not going into detail configuring the cache manager here. ugg pour homme pas cher Just plain Squid Proxy Caching for your LAN.

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Enable setuid In Perl

General Information

There may be times you would want to run perl scripts as non-root users. Nike Roshe Run soldes nike roshe run ugg bottes ugg grise nike air huarache adidas superstar pas cher This offers more security to your system and this guide will show you how to enable perl to use setuid.

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Compile a Custom Kernel (Legacy)

General Information

Want to speed up your system a bit as well as reduce boot time and resource usage? Or compile extra features into your kernel? The best way to do that is to compile your own custom kernel yourself. asics gel kinsei 6 ugg classic ugg 2017 It is much simpler than you would think, ESPECIALLY if you’ve ever tried it in Linux. cheap ffxiv Items 😉

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Compile a Custom Kernel

General Information

There may be two main reasons as to why you would want a custom kernel on your system: 1) You want to add some functionality to your system such as audio support, or 2) you may want to remove some unused drivers to conserve memory.

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Installing and Configuring Postfix

General Information

Postfix is an attempt to provide an alternative to the widely-used Sendmail program. Postfix attempts to be fast, easy to administer, and (hopefully) secure, while at the same time being sendmail-compatible enough to not upset your users.

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Setting up a Postfix Mail Forwarder


If you run a groupware email server on your LAN like Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, or similar, setting up a secure mail forwarder is a good alternative to opening port 25 from the Internet directly to your LAN server. Typically with these servers, you don’t want to put them on a DMZ segment for performance reasons, but you have to let in email from the Internet. nike air max 90 pas cher Opening a port to these servers, and into your LAN, can be risky.

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Hardening FreeBSD

General Information

After a fresh install, it is important to harden the security on a server before it hits your network for use. Not only making configuration changes aid in the security of your box, but there are some practical rules to abide by. nike air max homme These are some hardening tips to make your FreeBSD box more secure and will apply to both the 5.x and 4.x branches, but I will assume you are running 5.x. If a 4.x change is different, I will note it.

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Qmail with smtp-auth, vpopmail, binc-imap and qmailAdmin

General Information

Hosting your own e-mail is a handy thing. adidas zx flux belgique This guide will show you how to set up a secure mail server using qmail, vpopmail, qmailAdmin for user management, and smtp-auth so only valid users can send mail.

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Folding@Home using daemontools

General Information

This guide will help you set up Folding@Home using Dan Bernstein’s daemontools, for easy maintenance and also so that on a server reboot folding@home automatically comes back up.


You will need the following items to be able to complete this guide:

  1. Root access to a FreeBSD machine
  2. Daemontools running
  3. Linux compatibility installed

Installing Linux Compat

Folding@home only makes Linux binaries. chaussures ugg pour femme nike air max 2016 Nike Roshe Run soldes asics gel quantum 360 UGG Bottes nike roshe run 2017 If you do not have the Linux emulation mode enabled, then run the following command:

 # pkg_add -r linux_base-8 # echo 'linux_enable="YES"' >> /etc/rc.conf 

If you wish, you can compile from source, using the /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base-8/

At this point you need to restart, for the new linux emulation mode to become enabled.

 # shutdown -r now 

Setting up Folding@home

Here one creates the service directory and also a directory where the Folding@home client is run.

 # mkdir /usr/local/folding@home/ # mkdir /usr/local/folding@home/root 

Next we need to get the binary. asics gel lyte 3 nike flyknit chaussure asics Yes this is the Linux binary eventhough it contains an .exe extension.

 # cd /usr/local/folding@home/root/ # fetch http://www.stanford.edu/group/pandegroup/release/FAH502-Linux.exe # chmod +x FAH502-Linux.exe # brandelf -t Linux FAH502-Linux.exe 

You can always get the latest version of the client at http://folding.stanford.edu/download.html.

 # mkdir /usr/local/folding@home/log # mkdir /usr/local/folding@home/env # mkdir /usr/local/folding@home/log/main 

We create the directory structure needed for folding@home to be run under Dan Bernstein’s daemontools. adidas superstar pas cher adidas ultra boost UGG Bottes Pas Cher nike air max 2012 avis bottes ugg chaussures ugg femme We also need to chown/chmod them to the right permissions:

 # cd /usr/local/folding@home # chown -R nobody:nobody root env log/main # chmod 2755 root log log/main 

Now before doing anything else, we need to get the client set up. new balance france new balance nike free run bottes ugg pas cher adidas superstar 2 soldes Adidas Zx Flux You need to give it a username to be able to say that you contributed, or you can stay anonymous.

 # cd root # setuidgid nobody ./FAH502-Linux.exe -configonly # cd ..  adidas zx flux homme chaussure asics Asics 2017 timberland soldes timberland femme ugg homme 

Next set up the run file, this is the most important file, as it runs your Folding@home client using daemontools’ supervise, which will make sure it is always up.

 # cat << EOF > run # #!/bin/sh # exec 2>&1 # exec envdir ./env sh -c ' # cd /usr/local/folding@home/root/ # exec setuidgid nobody /usr/bin/nice -n 20 /usr/local/folding@home/root/FAH502-Linux.exe -freeBSD # ' # EOF # chmod 700 run 

Logging is important. nike air max pas cher louboutin soldes adidas Christian Louboutin Pas Cher nike air max pas cher Of course, we want to know how far along we are.

 # cat << EOF > log/run # #!/bin/sh # exec setuidgid nobody multilog t ./main # EOF # chmod 700 log/run 

Starting Folding@home

Now, to get Folding@Home started using svscan and have it running under supervise, we have to let svscan know about our service.

 # cd /var/service # ln -s /usr/local/folding@home 

It should now be running, to see if it really is running, check with ps.

 # ps auxwwww | grep -i fah 

You should see several different processes named FAH*-Core.exe, this means you are good to go.

Secure Installation of Postgresql

General Information

This guide will help you set up, and start running PostgreSQL using the ports tree. ugg grise ugg classic mini air jordan 31 bns gold chaussure asics For information of how to use PostgreSQL, try google. asics france new balance avis new balance avis This guide will not help you with PostgreSQL past installing it.

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