Qmail (with SSL), Courier IMAP, vpopmail, SA, and ClamAV

General Information

This guide is designed to help you install FreeBSD and setup qmail with mail filtering abilities. I designed my own qmail guide for a few reasons. First, there really isn’t much out there when you look for this type of install from the ports system. Second, I have a vpopmail patch that allows creation of Custom Maildirs. I have been using a custom Maildir structure for about a year and a half now with no issues. The vpopmail skel patch allows you to patch vpopmail so you can make your own custom directories. If you create a user with just the normal vpopmail install, you get a default Maildir with new, tmp and cur in it which really doesn’t allow you to do too much with filtering and the like. new balance soldes If you create a new user and vpopmail has been patched with the skel patch, the user’s maildir is copied from the ~vpopmail/skel dir. If you really think about it, you can pretty much add your own maildrop recipe into the skel dir along with the .qmail file. If you add the qmailadmin into the mix, you or your users can turn on or off the spam filtering at leisure. If you really know what you’re doing, this can open up a whole new world with vpopmail.

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