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USB – how do you format my Flash Flashdrive on the Mac?

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How exactly to Tidy Up Your Mac Entirely – iMobie Information

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Cleaner – The Best Cleaning App on the Mac App Store

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Lesson Policy For Record The Time Of Speech Of Fdr

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FreeBSD 10 on EdgeRouter Lite

Recently i am experimenting with the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite, a neat sub 100US$ Device that runs Linux and seems made for hacking around on. While in the progress of adding a captive portal function to it for use at a clients pub and wishing it would just run *BSD already, I just came accross this neat page that explains how to get FreeBSD 10 running on it! Awesome…

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Automatic binary updates for OpenBSD

One of the things i always thought holding OpenBSD back from attracting a larger user base is its lack of a simple way to upgrade the system – i am talking binary updates or moving to a new release. Learn about bluesnapper on his blog, a tool that helps with binary updates on OpenBSD, written by Ted Unangst.

I have no idea how i did not know about this tool or effort; i see so many people asking binary upgrades that i think there is a pretty big demand and truly hope this gets developed further. Reading the linked article above leaves me a little uncertain as to what the future is for that project. Anyways – now I’m off to learn more about bluesnapper so that in the next article i can outline using it step by step and what kind of issues where there on the way.

Awesome mini wireless keyboard and mouse

I came across this great little device while doing some Christmas shopping in the local computer mall and fell in love immediately. Basically a tiny (the smallest I’ve seen so far anyways), yet fully featured wireless keyboard and mouse that is a must for any sysadmin bag and also works great with your home media center. Read more for the pros and cons.

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