Pimp My OpenBSD bootfloppy

General Information

This short how-to gives you some basic hints on how to customize the OpenBSD bootfloppy, and how to setup an easy accessible shellscript.

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Install OpenBSD On a Strato Root-Server


Okay, here is a little howto to install OpenBSD Unix on a Strato root-server. adidas superstar soldes If you are impatient, you won’t need more than a piece of paper, and a ssh connection. If you got time, you will also need a local installation of OpenBSD to make a bootable installation floppy. ANYHOW, I CAN’T GIVE YOU ANY GUARANTEE THAT THIS WILL WORK! YOU ARE BASICALLY ON YOUR OWN OUT THERE, BUT IF YOU ARE AN ADVANCED BSD-DEVIL, SOME TIPS MIGHT COME IN HANDY.

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