Site redesign and relaunch

Hello all, i am happy to present the new look of the website. bottes ugg pas cher basket nike tn asics gel lyte 3 adidas gazelle pas cher ugg promo timberland soldes The focus of this site continues to be the number one source for BSD style operating systems howto guides and and tutorials. Buy Blade and Soul Gold ugg pour homme nike homme solde adidas superstar femme ugg boot outlet cheap ffxiv gil In addition to that, the scope will include general sysadmin and coding topics to discuss favorite one liners, snippets, shell scripts etc. asics chaussures nike roshe run adidas pas cher adidas nmd nike air max 2016 ugg men Everybody is welcome to contribute. bottes ugg asics gel lyte 3 soldes bottes ugg pas cher Besides being a useful place for information to admins and geeks THE main goal of this site is to promote the use of BSD style Operating systems, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD. nike air force 1 adidas zx flux bottes timberland asics france adidas pas cher Which brings me to the next topic: I am looking for interested contributors that can spare some of today’s most valuable resource (time) to help improving the site and attract a wider audience; mainly by the means of contributing content and writing tutorials, but also by suggesting topics, functionality and so on. adidas messi asics pulse soldes nike air max tavas adidas messi asics soldes You will notice our current content is quite dated because its been a while since the last updates – there is TONS to do! If you are interested please get in touch! Your help is wanted.

Lettuce shoots dog

I couldn’t help but notice while walking Metro in the South China Mall – and i think we all should have a bit of RL fun once in a while, nike pour homme pas cher adidas zx flux belgique chaussure timberland homme adidas zx flux homme Buy Blade and Soul Gold Soldes Louboutin hope you enjoy the share.

Building a captive portal with OpenBSD

There aren’t (m)any lightweight captive portal solutions out there for us, except a few clumsy heavy or badly maintained projects together with heir professional counterparts in routers better than home-grade. Captive portals are cool and useful, read on how to build one, including video demo.

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FreeBSD fundraising – donate now!

Why not spend some of this years Christmas profits on your most favorite OS? FreeBSD calls for donations, chaussure tn pour homme Adidas Superstar asics gel lyte 5 every dollar counts! While free to use FreeBSD is certainly not free to develop: Investments need to be made into hardware and developers may need to be paid! Head over to and make your donation to show your support and help out the project. adidas superstar pas cher ugg mini bailey button nike chaussure Your donations enable people that care about FreeBSD to keep improving it and keep working on it. Soldes 2017 Asics nike air huarache pas cher ugg australia pas cher If you want to know where your money is going, bns gold here is a non-exhaustive list from what happened last year:

If you donated,

awstats workaround for custom delimiter tab methodurl bug

For some sites i am using the venerable awstats to keep track of web site statistics; and came across a problem today: If your apache LogFormat is using a \t (tab) to separate fields you may notice how awstats does not parse %methodurl correctly – instead it looks like your two top pages are called HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1. chaussure asics adidas gazelle pas cher ugg soldes cheap ffxiv gil nike x fragment new balance homme Read more for a workaround. adidas messi asics chaussures Buy FF14 items asics gel lyte basket adidas zx flux [Read more…]

A wireless trap using OpenBSD – reloaded

Build a OpenBSD wireless access point that redirects any client request for any website to a website of your own design. adidas zx flux With a little imagination you could adapt this technique for more nefarious purposes – but that is not something we endorse here. Something more applicable to our kind may be to use this technique to do basic DNS based filtering, ad-blocking or something along those lines. new balance pas cher baskets new balance pas cher [Read more…]

A simple console wireless network manager for OpenBSD

Maybe some will enjoy this simple console based wireless network manager i use on my OpenBSD Box to connect to the different wireless networks i come across during the week. nike air max pas cher adidas yeezy boost nike air max 1 nike air tn new balance pas cher bns gold 4NU558BUVMKY [Read more…]

Enabling Root MacOSX

General Information

This tutorial will explain how to enable the root user in OS X. ugg soldes timberland pas cher ugg soldes 2017 timberland femme It’s not recommended that you do this but some GNU/ported/custom software requires it. ugg australia discount nike air tn ugg classic adidas stan smith nike air max 90 nike dunk Please remember that enabling the root user can be a security risk if your machine is hooked up to the internet without some sort of protection like a router or a firewall. 2017 asics nike free trainer chaussure de tennis asics nike air max femme Ugg 2017 This has been tested on OS X v10.1.x and 10.2.x. adidas chaussures FF14 gil nike air max 95 timberland roll top pas cher Soldes Adidas ugg olsen It should work with 10.0.x and any future versions.

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Installing Squid

General Information

A quick guide to get a squid Proxy Server running under OpenBSD.

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Build a Dynamic Web and Email Serving Platform

General Information

Using FreeBSD, Apache-modSSL, MySQL, PHP, Sendmail and CuCiPop, you can setup an open source solution that will have you serving dynamic web pages and email quickly, reliably, securely, and efficiently without any out-of-pocket expense.

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