FreeBSD 10 on EdgeRouter Lite

Recently i am experimenting with the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite, a neat sub 100US$ Device that runs Linux and seems made for hacking around on. timberland chaussure timberland roll top pas cher asics gel lyte 3 soldes asics france asics pas cher adidas messi bottes ugg While in the progress of adding a captive portal function to it for use at a clients pub and wishing it would just run *BSD already, I just came accross this neat page that explains how to get FreeBSD 10 running on it! Awesome… asics gel quantum 360 nike air max flyknit ultra 2.0 ugg soldes soldes timberland 2017 asics gel kinsei 6 [Read more…]

Awesome mini wireless keyboard and mouse

I came across this great little device while doing some Christmas shopping in the local computer mall and fell in love immediately. Basically a tiny (the smallest I’ve seen so far anyways), yet fully featured wireless keyboard and mouse that is a must for any sysadmin bag and also works great with your home media center. ugg boot outlet Read more for the pros and cons. chaussures nike air max cheap bns gold ugg bailey button [Read more…]

Automatic binary updates for OpenBSD

One of the things i always thought holding OpenBSD back from attracting a larger user base is its lack of a simple way to upgrade the system – i am talking binary updates or moving to a new release. nike air tn nike air max femme pas cher nike air zoom pegasus Soldes Chaussures Adidas chaussure asics nike air max tn adidas nmd Learn about bluesnapper on his blog, ugg noir adidas gazelle femme new balance running Nike Pour Homme nike air max 90 nike huarache a tool that helps with binary updates on OpenBSD, new balance 574 chaussure tn pour homme adidas superstar adidas ultra boost nike flyknit lunar cheap ffxiv gil written by Ted Unangst. new balance femme nike internationalist ugg australia asics soldes new balance france ugg australia bottes ugg pour homme I have no idea how i did not know about this tool or effort; i see so many people asking binary upgrades that i think there is a pretty big demand and truly hope this gets developed further. new balance avis nike soldes nike air max 90 pas cher adidas zx pas cher asics whizzer air max homme asics gel lyte 5 Reading the linked article above leaves me a little uncertain as to what the future is for that project.

Upgrading FreeBSD 9.0 to 9.1 using freebsd-update

Here a quick outline of upgrading FreeBSD from 9.0 to 9.1 on a Soekris 4801 i had installed just two days ago to be a small encrypted fileserver.

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FreeBSD 9.1 released

A huge thanks to the FreeBSD team for releasing FreeBSD 9.1 – bringing us a lot of improvements such as a ton of new drivers (new INTEL GPU driver), basket nike tn soldes new balance femme nike air max pas cher adidas yeezy boost adidas femme a new C+11 stack, chaussures nike femme 2017 ugg australia a stable version of the tmpfs filesystem, Adidas Zx Flux louboutin chaussures nike air max 1 pas cher chaussure nike pas cher improvements to zfs, new balance france Adidas Zx Flux bns gold ugg australia ugg femme france performance improvements on certain CPU, adidas chaussures chaussure timberland pas cher asics pas cher and much much more. adidas superstar chaussure nike pas cher UGG Bottes Adidas Zx pas cher Feels like a delayed Christmas gift. buy ffxiv Items nike air max pas cher Read the Release Notes for more details As a side note: The FreeBSD Foundation has reached their funding Goal for 2013 – which i think is great news. nike air max pas cher ugg pas cher asics gel quantum 360 The proverbial finger to all the nonbelievers: Not only did they reach the Goal, nike air max 95 asics france adidas yeezy boost they exceeded it by at least 20% last time i checked.

A wireless access point / Hotspot using OpenBSD

This Guide explains how you would setup a wireless hotspot using OpenBSD and PF so you can provide internet access to wireless clients such as laptops or phones. chaussure asics basket nike air max 1 adidas yeezy [Read more…]

A simple Bot trap using robots.txt

Setup a simple Bot Trap for your website or web application that can enhance the security of your server and prevent malicious bots or script kiddies from poking around by luring them into a trap and banning their a**es for x amount of minutes, or else. adidas zx flux [Read more…]

Fail2ban with PF on OpenBSD 5.2

This explains how to quickly setup the amazing fail2ban, which monitors your log files for activity you specify and performs certain actions once a threshold is reached. ugg 2017 2018 nike air max Simplest case: Monitor authlog for failed ssh login attempts, and ban the originating IP after a few tries. ugg bottes [Read more…]

Sniffing for plaintexters

I hope you enjoy this little piece i wrote to sniff for people that check their e-mail via insecure POP or IMAP ports. Soldes Chaussures Adidas bottes timberland pas cher asics whizzer bottes ugg pour homme botte ugg pas cher adidas nmd In my case, i ran this via cron each morning on weekdays for two minutes inside a LAN with a couple hundred users. bottes timberland nike air max 90 homme nike tn chaussures nike femme 2017 Asics 2017 new balance soldes If “plaintexters” where found, it would send the list of people to the IT Team, basically a mail group on Exchange. asics gel lyte 3 ugg australia discount adidas yeezy boost botte ugg pas cher nike soldes adidas stan smith They would then contact the User and make sure their mail settings where right. nike air max 90 femme adidas stan smith femme adidas ace nike air presto nike tn nike air max thea [Read more…] intrusion and how to use SSH Keys and SSH-Agent

Great excuse to write about how to use ssh keys securely by password protecting the keyfile: On Sunday 11th of November 2012 has suffered an intrusion on two machines that contained third party software (packages, ports) within the cluster. adidas en ligne For details about this read this Incident Report. avis bottes ugg As far as i can guess from the report and the news, it appears the intruder gained access to the affected systems by means of a developers ssh key that was not protected by a passphrase. [Read more…]