FreeBSD 10 on EdgeRouter Lite

Recently i am experimenting with the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite, a neat sub 100US$ Device that runs Linux and seems made for hacking around on. While in the progress of adding a captive portal function to it for use at a clients pub and wishing it would just run *BSD already, I just came accross this neat page that explains how to get FreeBSD 10 running on it! Awesome…

The Author hints that while pretty much fully functional, running FreeBSD on your EdgeRouter Lite may not be 100% production ready yet, but absolutely worth trying. Go read the full article over at and have fun.

EdgeRouter Lite

What is the EdgeRouter Lite?

The EdgeRouter Lite is a embedded router appliance that runs Linux (Vyatta, similar to Debian). It sports 512M of RAM, 4GB of Storage, 3 Ethernet Ports and 1 Serial Port. It appeals because it is just below 100$ to buy, has very decent troughput abilities and is easily adapted and customized since you get full root access out of the box. Devices of this Formfactor that can be modified to run a custom Linux / BSD of your choice are not that easy to come by, and especially not at a pricepoint of 100 bucks. This series of boxen may turn out to become viable alternativea to Soekris and the likes.

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