Awesome mini wireless keyboard and mouse

I came across this great little device while doing some Christmas shopping in the local computer mall and fell in love immediately. Basically a tiny (the smallest I’ve seen so far anyways), yet fully featured wireless keyboard and mouse that is a must for any sysadmin bag and also works great with your home media center. Read more for the pros and cons.

Mini Keyboard

So as you can see from the above what we have here is a pretty small keyboard and mouse, completely wireless. As you will see soon, there is a small USB receiver that is integrated into the back of the device. Pull it out, plug it into your server, and as long as it would support a regular USB keyboard, it is going to support this thing.

I imagine as any sysadmin that needs to visit client sites and server rooms, we all pack a more or less fully featured bag that contains essential items depending on your profession: Laptop, Screwdriver tools, network cables, serial adapters, pen drives, CD and DVD’s, and maybe a keyboard and mouse.

One would think no matter where you go, there always is a keyboard and mouse laying around, but actually every time you need one, there is none to be found. Until i found this one, i always brought my regular Logitech wireless set with me – but it never fit in the already overfilled bag nicely enough; and each time i forgot to bring it, it was one of those times i should have brought it.

Mini Keyboard size diff

So whats good about it?

Number one again, the size. The dimensions are roughly 152mm X 59mm X 12.5mm. It is light and fits into any pocket. Also, it does not miss any keys – it is a full QWERTY keyboard and a left & right click mouse with touch pad.

The device is reasonably sturdy, and you don’t feel like breaking it easily when using it. They keys have a decent touch to them and give good feedback. The key presses compare to using a Blackberry keypad if you can relate. It also has a back light – meaning you can turn on key illumination with the click of a button. Neat.

There are some handy shortcuts included, such as pressing FN+Enter sends a CTRL+ALT+DELETE. The mouse part of this device has left and right buttons, the arrow keys work as one would expect, and the touch pad has tap to click.

The range is basically up to 10 meters – and the manufacturers site says that “…it will have no impact on your health”. Amazing! If that is not enough, it also has a button activated laser pointer. Good idea i guess for those Power point presentations.

Whats not so good?

Well basically not much. Mainly typing on it for extended periods of time is sort of a pain. I typed this post on it to prove a point and to see if it would break – and it took forever. But then again, its not made for office work; Also, instead of a laser pointer, maybe i would have preferred a flashlight LED – it would have been more useful to me.

The one thing that i really dislike about it – others may disagree here – is that it is rechargeable via USB. I know that may be better for the environment and all, but i would have absolutely loved it if i could power the device by a single AA or AAA battery. The reason is that i am using this thing mainly to be part of my sysadmins tool bag, and i may not use it daily. I guess what will happen is that i only pull it out twice a month, and every once in a while ill be like “Dang. I should have charged it”. It would have been much better in that scenario to have a spare pack of batteries in the bag. Well again, its not terrible, and what i will do is get one of those 10USD mobile phone emergency charging thingies that i can use to charge the keyboard on the fly if need be. Advertised stand-by time is roughly 1 month by the way.


I paid 280RMB (45USD) for it. Not sure if its available cheaper anywhere or not, didn’t care. The Brandname is ORICO and the Link to the website i found is; you can see that the model on display has a trackball and mine only has a touch pad. But actually maybe i like touch pad better anyways.


If you use a regular PC to be your home entertainment center, then this is a must have and will replace your current wireless keyboard and mouse. Its the same size as a regular remote. Same if you need to go to client sites or data centers to fix stuff and find a keyboard and mouse to be an essential part of your toolbox.


  1. Funny – looks exactly the same. I guess they both license it from the same manufacturer.

  2. Is it the SGK-4000 ? I looked it up, looks awesome. What really made the one i posted come into my bag was the size though – as an emergency keyboard its great. But i agree with what you are saying, i have a full wireless keyboard & mouse set at home and at the office as well for my main machine – which is a laptop.

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