A simple console wireless network manager for OpenBSD

Maybe some will enjoy this simple console based wireless network manager i use on my OpenBSD Box to connect to the different wireless networks i come across during the week. 4NU558BUVMKY

Watch to see how it works on Youtube – for best results set to 720pHD and view full screen:

Get it from GitHub and follow the installation instructions – should take less than a minute as its just two files.

After installation, set your wireless interface and some networks inside the /etc/wireless.cfg config file.

# This will list all your configured
# wireless networks

# This will connect to wireless 
# network named "yournetwork" given that
# it can be found in the config, and of course
# that it is in rage
wireless yournetwork

Its really very simple – but i use it daily as i move around with my laptop. Saves me a bunch of time.

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