Setting Up .screenrc

General Information

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As root (duh :P)

 # cd /usr/ports/sysutilites/screen && make install clean 


All right once you install screen go back to using your normal user. ffxiv gil ugg pas cher chaussure timberland pas cher UGG Bottes nike air max 90 timberland roll top pas cher In your home dir do the following (whatever text editor you like):

 $ vim .screenrc 

There are a lot of options for your screenrc but for the most part these are the ones I have found to be useful.

 #These are keybindings,  new balance ugg pas cher nike dunk adidas gazelle femme adidas zx pas cher nike air presto you can also use the F1-F10 to map to specific screens #F11 = previous screen | F12 = next screen bindkey -k F2 next bindkey -k F1 prev startup_message off nethack on deflogin on defscrollback 1000 # Optional name and command to execute # These are great it will display all the screens rather than having to detach and the do 'screen -ls' screen -t irssi 0 screen -t mail 1 screen -t news 2 screen -t notes 3 screen -t freebsd 4 screen -t unix 5 screen -t admin 6 screen -t systm 7 select 0 #This selects screen 0 (irssi) as the default screen when its started # Display $USER and screen titles in a neat way :P caption always "%{=b dy}{ %{= dm}${USER} %{=b dy}}%={ %?%{= dc}%-Lw%?%{+b dy}(%{-b r}%n:%t%{+b dy})%?(%u)%?%{-dc}%?%{= dc}%+Lw%? %{=b dy}}" 

Well this is a very basic setup but it should get you started. ugg 2017 nike air max 1 ugg bailey button boots new balance avis timberland pas cher nike air presto soldes I personally love the keymapping cause pressing one key is a lot faster than pressing a combo,

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