Mount Images With mdconfig

General Information

This guide explains how to mount a floppy image and/or a CD-Rom ISO using mdconfig.


  1. Root access.
  2. A floppy image or a CD-Rom ISO.


Mounting a floppy image

To mount a floppy image, nike soldes running adidas zx 500 adidas pas cher nike homme solde chausson ugg create a virtual device, nike air max pas cher nike air max 2012 Buy FF14 items /dev/md0, Adidas Superstar ugg bailey button chaussure adidas zx flux nike air max 2014 nike cortez for the floppy image.

 # mdconfig -a -t vnode -f /tmp/boot.flp -u 0 

Now mount the virtual device.

 # mount /dev/mnt0 /mnt 

Mouting a CD-Rom ISO

To mount a CD-Rom ISO, chaussures timberland pas cher nike air max 2016 soldes new balance running Chaussures adidas running new balance 574 create a virtual device, adidas pas cher adidas zx chaussure timberland homme /dev/md0, asics gel kayano Soldes 2017 Asics nike air max pas cher adidas zx 500 air jordan 1 soldes cheap bns gold for the CD-Rom ISO.

 # mdconfig -a -t vnode -f /tmp/cdrom.iso -u 0 

Now mount the virtual device.

 # mount_cd9660 /dev/mnt0 /mnt 

Unmounting and Deleting a Virtual Device

To unmount and delete a virtual device, Adidas Zx pas cher asics gel kinsei timberland earthkeepers bottes soldes timberland bns gold first unmount the virtual device.

 # umount /mnt 

Then delete the virtual device,

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